Post 2 – The First Step

Ben Made Design Kit

Just one game they said and started to play – that was yesterday

Chinese Proverb

Hello Readers,

So let’s actually get into the Board Game Design.

Where to start?

– Boardgamedesignlab is an incredible source of information. And the website isn’t even the half of it, Gabe Barrett also makes an fantastically listenable Podcast featuring a variety of brilliant designers and publishers. If you have spotify I highly recommend listening to it, and signing up to the weekly newsletter as well.

– Kickstarter is a great source of case examples and ideas. You can also see what people are interested in at the moment. And if nothing else you can always back a small games project and follow their journey.

– Putting together a Board Game Design kit. Which includes Notebook, pencils, pens, spare cardboard, arts & crafts bits, index cards and a box to keep it all together. Having a kit ready to go (Especially the notebook) means you can get your ideas down whenever inspiration hits!

– Another important thing I did was just going back to the games I love and replaying them whilst keeping a mind open to the mechanics and what makes me keep coming back to play. I also got the opportunity to play with both family and friends at the beginning of this, whom represent both ends of the board gamer spectrum, and ask them on their opinions on complexity/length/style/etc. This gave me a good view on other’s opinions going into the design.

– Boardgamegeek seems to be the center of the board game universe. I set up an account, added my collection and added my wishlist. You can see what games are doing best by rankings and categories.

Thanks for reading!

Next Step: The Concept – A look at how I got my ideas on paper and got the ball rolling on a game.

P.S I’ve decided I want to sign off somehow. Along the lines of “Til next time readers” or “Keep playing nerds”. So brace yourself for several attempts.

P.P.S Please leave a comment or DM me about anything in these posts or any opinion on my writing! I’d love to know your thoughts on length/style/content