Post 5 – The Basics

Evening Readers

Sorry for my short sabbatical, life can’t be all board games yet. One day…

So lets get straight into it. I am going to be writing about throwing together the very basic mechanics such that you can play your concept.

Goal – Humanity has reached into the stars by the medium of Generation Ships. A custodian civilization of humans governed the massive Arks as they travelled through the stars, safeguarding their precious cargo. The aforementioned cargo being Thousands of Stasis Pods with humanitys best and brightest chilling out inside. The Goal is to have the most humans out of Stasis within your faction when they have all been taken from the Generation Ship.

Asymetric Factions – These are not necessary for the first prototype so I am going to leave these. This point includes Faction Boards.

Map – The Board is probably the largest component both physically and of importance in the first prototype. So my board when prototyped will be:

  • Repeatable (Can randomise placement of tiles)
  • Explorable (Tiles need to be able to flip)
  • Resources (Exploitable resources)
  • Points of Research (Gain research cards)
  • Center Tile (Where the sun will be and the game will start)
  • Events (Draw Event Card)

Research Deck – Split into 3 categories. Military, Social and Engineering. These cards will be picked up when you gain enough research of the correct colour.

Resources – These will be on the map or gained via trade with the Generation ship at the Star. Resources will be:

  • Water (Fuel for Hydrogen based space engines)
  • Food (For Meeple)
  • Metal (Building)
  • Rare Metals (Currency)
  • Tech (Research)
  • Gas (Alternative Fuel)

Ships – There needs to be a way to enact your will across the star system. So you will be able to build and command the following ships:

  • Colony Ship (To build colony ships on Planets)
  • Fleet Ships (For them space laser filled battles)
  • Scout (Explore the Solar System efficiently)
  • Civilian Ships (Do everything else. Can’t explore)

Structures – To be able to exploit the Solar System you will need to be able to build structures with different functions.

  • Mines (Produce Metal)
  • Pumps (Produce Fuel)
  • Research Centre (Produce Tech)
  • Housing (To house Civilians)
  • Farm (Produce Food)

Bit by bit the game seems to be falling into place! Hope you’ve enjoyed reading so far.

Until Next Turn,

One Board Ben

Next Step: The Board Pt I – How I went about building my first board.

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