Post 6 – The Board Pt I

Greetings All,

More pictures and less writing today. Win win for everyone.

With my map I never actually drew it out on paper first. I wanted to keep the momentum going so I just found the largest piece of cardboard I had left over (Credit to my Flatmate for buying a bedside table) and starting drawing Hexagons.

I wanted to make sure that the players felt like they were isolated in a large map that requires a large amount of movement to cross. So I decided that the size should be 17 Hexagons across. 8 Hexs from the centre to the edge.

All you need is a ruler, a pencil, a cut out hexagon and if you get distracted easily like me, an eraser.

Then you just keep tracing… (remember to keep hydrated)

And tracing… (maybe throw on some tunes)

Until finally you are complete!

And once you have a whole bunch of hexagons you can throw some badly drawn icons and shapes onto them.

Disclaimer. I am not an artist and my phone camera quality is low at best.

And ta dah! First prototype board ready for a playtest. Obviously I still need to make pieces and settle on some actual rules. So…

Until Next Turn,

One Board Ben

Next Time: The Mechanics – A beefy post on how my first play test will be run.