The Restart

So last year I wrote a series of posts on this blog regarding my Boardgame. A move to the south and then the pandemic threw me totally of course and I found myself focusing my energies on other things.

Recently I have picked it all back up.

So without further ado I will stop putting off writing this blog and get right back into it. But I also wanted to review my posts from last year and learn from any mistakes or make improvements where I can.

1. I believe that I narrowed my vision too low with just Board Game design updates. Going forwards this blog will encompass not only my Board game design updates but also everything that I come into contact along the way. Things like Building a Business around Community, Virtual Workspaces and some of the Amazing resources out there on the internet.

2. Regular Posting. I think is the crux of all good blogs, but when you are working on a personal project it can sometimes be hard to progress at such a steady rate that you have a regular amount to update with. To fix this I am going to be writing slightly lagged behind the current status of my board game, and also use point 1 to make sure there is enough interesting context to share.

3. A lighter more agile format. I used a rather rigid format to write my content. This restricted me and sometimes got a bit in the way of the creativity that I wanted to express. So these posts will naturally find a format that is best for them.

4. Let me know! If you read anything from last year, or have any hints or tips or the like, Please Comment below or send me an E-mail and I will make sure to heed it, and or have a conversation.

I am up in the lakes now with my Family, plenty of time to get the writing in and hopefully create some blogs to really engage with you all.

Talk soon!