Announcement 3.1 – Guest Posts

When I started this blog I branched out into as many Board Game Desgn communities as I could find.

One of those communities was r/BoardGameDesign on reddit.

Yesterday I read a post there by u/Argothair2 and I thought it was fantastically well written and thought out. And especially of interest to those who are thinking about the broader mechanics behind their game.

So without rambling on too much more, I have decided that (With the authors blessing of course) if I find these gemstones from Indie/first time/one time writers, I would share them on my blog as a Guest Post.

So keep your eyes out for the first Guest Post – Linking Suits to Strategies in Eurogames

Post 0 – Introducing Ben

Hello World.

It’s me Ben. And to get me actually writing I am going to publish the first draft of this post.

So who am I?

I am a lot of things. I am an Engineer, a Brother, a Disgruntled Employee, a Dungeon Master, a Robotics Nut, a Boyfriend, a LARPer, a Cook, etc.

But for the purposes of this blog I am an avid Board Game Player and Aspiring Designer.

So why am I blogging and what will I be blogging about?

Well like I said I am an Aspiring Board Game Designer. And this Blog will be my journey through that process and hopefully help me engage with other Board Gamers for advice and support.

Though I am sure I will also be sprinkling in some posts about the other things in my life. LARP, D&D, Robotics and other such random nerdy bits and pieces.

Who should read this?

I think anyone interested in making their own Board Game. Or being part of my Process.

Or anyone who just wants to nerd out about anything. Feel free to get in touch.

What would make this Blog feel successful to me?

I feel I would have been successful if:

I manage to keep on top of this blog.

If anyone gets in touch via the blog about anything I’ve mentioned.

It in someway supports my Board Game Design.