Post 3 – The Concept Pt I

Starting the Journal

The goal is to win, but it is the goal that is important, not the winning.

Reiner Knizia

Sup Fellow Game Boarders,

So I have my DIY kit, I’ve read up on Board Game literature, I’m plugged into Design Podcasts and have a fair few people expectant of some form of game.

What’s next?

I have started 101 projects and got stuck at this stage. I can a bit of a perfectionist and I always want to have my thoughts and ideas colour coded and layed out neatly.


This time I wasn’t going to be trapped in this specious frame of mind and decided to just splurge my ideas and thoughts onto paper. I posed a series of questions to myself and just answered them anywhere on the page with squiggles and diagrams.

What makes a great board game in my head?

An Epic Board – I love a big board with great artwork and fantastic UI. I want to be able to move my pieces across a Landscape/SpaceScape/Map and really connect with the logistics of my pieces.

Simple Pieces & Beautiful Miniatures – I think that games with both simple wooden tokens and complex important Miniatures have a brilliant aesthetic that naturally draws your attention to the normally more significant pieces in play.

Asymmetric Factions – Playing a Faction/Character that has a different ability or path through the game allows not only for replayability but for another level of immersion.

Development – Games where I can build upon the board and have a physical presence is always a fantastic feature. Being able to build up your Empire or Stacks of cash or whatever it is, is only ever satisfying.

Non-reliant on Luck – Risk is one of my favourite games of all time. However my Sister has always had a knack for decimating my armies with poorly placed and ill supported troops. The culprit? Dice Luck. If my Sister ever trips to Vegas I will definitely invest for a portion of the fortune she’ll bring back. So in my game I want there to be an amount of luck that is heavily superseded by tactics and smart board play.

Who do I want to play my game?

Well let’s for a minute imagine that I am not the new Steve Jobs of Board games and I don’t succeed in my Kickstarter; then I will want to play with my friends and family.

My friends are all massive nerds so will keep up with any level of complexity I build into my game. However my Family and Girlfriend are more casual gamers who are willing to learn a ruleset if it’s not going to take an hour.

Let me know!

What makes a brilliant game for you?

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Next Step: Concept Pt II, looking at the actual concept of my game.

Until next time…

One Board Ben